Cameron Blandford

(757) 849-8094
Software Developer
Charlottesville, VA


  • React and its ecosystem (Next.js, Redux, etc)
  • The latest HTML, CSS, and ES features and their browser compatibility
  • Usability testing (Optimizely, Hotjar, AB tests, live user testing)
  • Making elegant, modular, understandable, scalable solutions to problems
  • Rapid, iterative, agile prototyping (with and without mocks/specs)
  • Building to exact, pixel-perfect spec
  • Prioritizing testing, accessibility, and usability
  • Express, Postgres, API design, SQL database design
  • Figma, JIRA, Datadog, Scalyr
  • Vue, Ember, Python, Racket
  • Teaching others, learning from others
  • Pair programming, small-team coordination
  • Compassion, communication, unshakeable curiosity
  • Eagerness to learn and grow, from and with others
  • If I don't know it now, I can learn it in two weeks


Engineer II @ Zola

2019 – Present
  • Move product from prototype phase to monetization
  • Transition team to Typescript
  • Build and maintain shared component library across half a dozen teams
  • Work in tandem with and learn from top-notch design and product teams
  • Help standardize best practices across ~30 frontend engineers
  • Improve site accessibility
  • Improve site performance across key metrics
  • Research and implement additions to company-wide stack and standards

    Developer @ 221B LLC

    2018 – 2019
    • Use Vue, Express, and Elasticsearch to build open-science-aligned apps and data visualizations for various clients including Notre Dame and Johns Hopkins, develop a wide range of internal applications using Vue and Express.
    • Consult on a variety of Ember projects, both academic and commercial.
    • Jeff Spies, Principal — (574) 514-4307‬

    Junior Developer @ Center for Open Science

    2017 – 2018
    • Rapidly developed prototypes of various services for current and potential funders.
    • Worked with Ember and Django Rest Framework.
    • Jeff Spies, CTO, labs team lead — (574) 514-4307‬
    • Steve Loria, platform team lead — (920) 410-4154

    Intern @ Center for Open Science

    2016 – 2017
    • Built a dynamic site scraper to allow for easily deployable static mirrors of osf.io for the sake of simple and effective content preservation.
    • Jeff Spies, CTO, intern team lead — (574) 514-4307‬


    University of Virginia

    AUG 2013 – MAY 2017
    • TA’d for Artificial Intelligence and Game Design, received A+s in undergrad and grad Algorithms, did research on compression algorithms and user interface design, accepted into UVA’s highly competitive poetry-writing program. Took a slew of linguistics, neurobiology, and philosophy courses on the side.



    Lettersection lets you compare your Letterboxd movie watchlists with your friends to find a movie that everyone has been meaning to watch.


    Published writer and photographer, always taking an online class or three. Wrote and then (after realizing what I had done) burned a script that could have ended up altering the Freedom of Information Act. Pro bono consultant for various non-profits, including the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center.