Cameron Blandford

248 McKibbin St APT 1N, Brooklyn, NY 11206
cam dot blandford at

Sveltekit, Astro
Design + Implementation
Product design
Pagespeed optimization
User testing
Rapid iteration
Empathy, curiosity, communication


Software Engineer

  1. Full stack Django, Python, React, Nextjs, AWS
  2. Currently helping the company transition to a Shopify-based architecture
  3. Pushed for, helped architect, and delivered on multi-month initiatives that led to increased conversion, including new purchasing flows for customers
  4. Was acting CTO March-April 2024 while the usual CTO was unavailable, acting as the engineering team's primary point of contact for all other departments, successfully fielding questions and triaging requests


Sabbatical + Project management consultant

  1. Helped individuals clarify their goals and finish projects
  2. Traveled + was in an artist's residency in Lisbon


Senior Frontend Engineer

  1. Built out complex features on schedule across multiple business units
  2. React, Next.js, Typescript, ES2022, WAI-ARIA standards, good UX and DX
  3. Led initiatives that socially de-siloed teammates, improved site performance, reduced bugs across many teams, and improved accessibility cross-site
  4. Significantly improved communication and review processes between tech, design, and tracking teams
  5. Helped maintain, improve, and implement shared code libraries
  6. Internally promoted twice (Frontend Engineer, Frontend Engineer II)


Full-stack Developer

  1. Worked with university libraries like Johns Hopkins to build self-hosted preprint servers and submission systems
  2. Gave talks to promote tech literacy among librarians
  3. Wrote a schema and auto-migration library for Knex.js

Center for Open Science

Full-stack Developer

  1. Worked on the Labs Team, building prototypes for the board and grantors
  2. Used Ember.js and Django
  3. Gave talks to promote programming literacy among librarians

University of Virginia


  1. Double-majored in computer science and cognitive science
  2. TA'd for machine learning and game design classes
  3. Conducted undergrad research in pedagogy, compression algorithms
  4. Accepted into UVA's prestigious poetry-writing program